Our Happy Customers

Rajesh Satwah- Land Lord

I am a business owner. I own two properties. One I regularly rent out & another one I live in has one spare double bedroom, which I occasionally rent out for short term. I am a busy person so need a quick & reliable platform for renting. Desihomes helps me to make quick decision as I vet potential tenant myself. Thanks to Desihomes for providing me cost effective & no-frills solution.

Manoj Dhirde- Tenant

I was travelling UK for short assignment & needed a double bedroom for 3 months. I approached house owner via desihomes who was happy to let for short term.Process was smooth & I negotiated all-inclusive rent with house owner directly. Thanks desihome for solving my biggest concern while I was abroad.

Neha Chauhan –Student

I needed single room near the college & only for college terms. I got connected to land lady via Desihomes who was happy to accommodate me in her house. She took me as paying guest. Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Thanks to desihomes for connecting me with such a beautiful family.